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Art Of Community

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The CCCFUG Mission

The Chicago Central ColdFusion User Group is a technology Special Interest Group focused on exposing new web development technologies to the Chicagoland web development community.

Through presentations, trainings, and seminars, led by industry and subject experts, the CCCFUG strives to educate chicagoland's web engineers, programmers, developers and designers on technologies that will improve their skill sets; and in turn make them more marketable.

By focusing on leading web technologies, and exposing cutting edge technologies, the CCCFUG hopes to raise the bar on Chicago's technology resources, and to improve the appeal of Chicago's talent pool to companies seeking technology excellence.

While the CCCFUG is committed to various technologies, such as Macromedia's ColdFusion, and Flash, it is open to all technologies that the group finds important or compelling.

In a continued effort to maintain interest in web development, the CCCFUG provides a forum, for novice and expert developers alike, to get all of their technology questions answered. Further, this forum exists to clarify any misleading materials, misinformed comments or rumors, and any other hearsay pertaining to any and all technologies.

- Igor Ilyinsky
- CCCFUG Manager & President